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Features of Cup Point Set Screws DIN 916


The Cup Point Set Screws DIN 916 are a specific type of set screw that conforms to the DIN 916 standard, which is a German industrial standard for set screws. Here are the key characteristics and features of these set screws:

Features of Cup Point Set Screws DIN 916:

1. Design:

  - Cup Point: These set screws have a shallow cup-shaped indentation on the end opposite the head. The cup point design allows the screw to penetrate the material without fully passing through, providing a secure hold.

2. Material:

  - Typically Steel: Most DIN 916 set screws are made from steel. The choice of steel allows for strength and durability, suitable for various industrial applications.

3. Thread Type:

  - Metric Thread: These set screws follow metric thread standards, which are commonly used in Europe and many other parts of the world.

4. Head Type:

  - Socket Head: DIN 916 set screws usually have a socket or hexagonal recess in the head for tightening with a corresponding hex key (Allen key).

5. Sizes and Dimensions:

  - Various Sizes: Available in different sizes and lengths to accommodate various applications and thicknesses of materials.

  - Diameter and Length: Specified by metric dimensions, typically ranging from M2 to M24 in diameter and various lengths depending on the application requirements.

Common Uses:

- Fastening and Securing: Used to secure one object within or against another object, often in applications where the screw needs to be flush or nearly flush with the surface.

- Positioning Components: Commonly used in machinery and equipment to secure parts in place, ensuring alignment and stability.

- Adjustment and Fine-tuning: Used in applications where precise adjustments or alignments are required due to their ability to be tightened securely into place.


- Material Compatibility: Choose the appropriate material (e.g., stainless steel, alloy steel) based on the application's environmental conditions and required strength.

- Thread Engagement: Ensure sufficient thread engagement to achieve the desired holding strength without compromising the integrity of the materials being fastened.

- Torque Requirements: Use the correct torque specifications to prevent over-tightening or under-tightening, which can affect the screw's performance and longevity.

Cup Point Set Screws DIN 916 are widely used in mechanical and industrial applications where a secure and flush fastening solution is needed, providing reliability and strength in various operating conditions.

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