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What is the best material for the cabinet?


What is the best material for the cabinet?

Now there are many cabinet styles on the market, of course, it also includes cabinets of different materials, such as solid wood, stainless steel, fireproof board, melamine board, blister board, plexiglass board, paint board, etc., each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a brief look at which of these cabinet materials are better. 1. Solid wood cabinets are cabinets that we have seen more, and they are also cabinets with a good reputation. Solid wood cabinets are relatively high-end and environmentally friendly, but they also have their own defects. The price of good solid wood cabinets is relatively higher, and the price of cheap solid wood cabinets is also relatively low. Cheap. 2. Stainless steel cabinets are also a relatively good cabinet product in recent years. Stainless steel cabinets look more fashionable and easy to clean. They are the favorite of young people, but stainless steel cabinets have poor heat resistance performance. 3. Blister board cabinets are the PVC cabinets we are more familiar with. This kind of cabinet has better waterproof and moisture-proof performance, but the surface is easy to scratch and bruise, and it is not very resistant to high temperature. It will slowly deform over time. 4. Plexiglass is a relatively high-end cabinet. It looks more comfortable, easier to clean and more durable, but the construction of crystal glass cabinets is relatively difficult. If there are some problems in the construction process that are not perfected, it will be easy later. There are many troubles. 5. Plastic frame board cabinets are actually pasted on the surface of the base material with some plastic decorative bread, most of which are handmade, so the overall effect looks very good and beautiful, but after a long time, there will still be some There will be problems of push-off and fading, and there will be many dead ends for cleaning. 6. Fire-resistant board is also a fire-resistant board. As the name suggests, it has strong fire resistance and brighter color. However, the quality of the fire-resistant board is not easy to guarantee in many cases. Improper use will lead to degumming, deformation and other consequences. 7. Melamine board is also a cabinet material that everyone is more familiar with. It has the properties of friction resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, heat, acid, heat and alkali resistance. The water resistance is a little bit worse, but it is still very good. The overall performance of all aspects is not bad.


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