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The working principle of computerized flat knitting machine


The working principle of a computerized flat knitting machine is as follows:

1. Yarn feeding: The yarn is fed into the machine from the cone or the yarn carrier. The feeder system guides the yarn to the needles.

2. Needle selection: The needle selection system selects the needles that will knit the fabric based on the programmed pattern.

3. Stitch formation: The needles knit the fabric by forming loops with the yarn. The loops are held in place by sinkers or loop-holders.

4. Fabric movement: The fabric is moved down the needle bed by the fabric take-down system, which is controlled by the machine's computer.

5. Yarn changing: If the pattern requires a change in yarn color, the yarn changing system automatically switches to the new color.

6. Pattern programming: The machine's computer controls the knitting process and can be programmed to create various stitch patterns and designs.

7. Finishing: After the fabric is knitted, it is removed from the machine and finished through processes such as washing, drying, and pressing.

Overall, the working principle of a computerized flat knitting machine involves precise control of the yarn, needles, and fabric movement, all managed by a computer program. This allows for the production of complex designs and patterns with high accuracy and efficiency.

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