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Classification of brake shoe


Brake shoes can be classified in a number of ways based on various criteria. Here are a few possible classifications:

/Based on material:

  Organic brake shoes: made of non-metallic materials such as rubber, resin, and fiber. These are generally softer and less durable than metallic brake shoes, but produce less noise and dust.

  Metallic brake shoes: made of metal, such as steel or iron. These are more durable and heat-resistant than organic brake shoes, but tend to produce more noise and dust.

/Based on application:

  Drum brake shoes: used in drum brakes, which are common on older vehicles and some heavy-duty trucks. The shoes press outward against the inside of a         spinning drum to slow or stop the vehicle.

  Disc brake pads: used in disc brakes, which are found on most modern vehicles. The pads press against a spinning disc (rotor) to slow or stop the vehicle.

/Based on design:

  Floating brake shoes: have a pivoting design that allows them to adjust to the contours of the brake drum or rotor, ensuring even wear and improved braking performance.

  Fixed brake shoes: have a stationary design and can be less expensive, but may not wear as evenly or provide optimal braking performance.

/Based on vehicle type:

  Passenger car brake shoes: designed for use on standard passenger cars and light trucks.

  Heavy-duty brake shoes: designed for use on commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and trailers.

  There may be other ways to classify brake shoes as well, depending on the specific criteria being considered.

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